Llyn Sub-Aqua Club May

Dive report 05-05-19

Bank Holiday diving, first club boat outting with the new engine, cold northerly winds and Dewi in his Semi dry what could possibly go wrong!!

Dewi edged his bets rather go for the later start and dive the more interesting North side he decided on the early start and opted for the South side. The boat was fetched from its winter home in Rhiw and lodged at Glan Erch, Pencaenewydd on Friday night and Mike fitted the new prop on Saturday - we were good to go. Five divers phoned in with one opting out immediately hearing of the early start (Andrew obviously has a crystal ball!!). This left David, Neil Jake, Mike and Dewi to to get Sea Wasp’s season up and running.

A 7.45am start at Pwllheli saw everybody arrive promptly, the start to the day wasn’t good, Mike announcing he wouldn’t be diving due to Bretts cold, David was to follow stating he was doubtful due to dodgy guts but would review when on the sea (very brave). The boat was prepared with all the kit and launched with not a sole about. Mike handed Dewi the keys to the rib, he declined stating “you can break it first”. With only Jake and Neil definitely doing the first dive Mike plotted a course for the Tudwals but it would appear that the depth sounder was not working. The new engine purred along a flat sea, the we arrived in no time.

The command came for divers to kit up, Mike’s smooth driving clearly sorted David out and we had three divers for the first dive. All divers were busy getting their kit on and nearing their buddy checks when it happened.

Yes you guessed it, Mike broke the engine, it spluttered coughed and eventually gave up. Frantic efforts were made to get it going with all attempts failing. Divers de-kitted and despite further efforts we couldn’t get the engine going. What to do, we had jockey engine which hadn’t been used in battle for years. Lucky for us David had brought the fuel can, it was hooked up with Dewi tugging at the pull chord to get it going, with no response i’m sure we were all thinking what else can go wrong, by this time we were drifting on the tide. All of a sudden it sparked into life, we were saved!!!

We commence back for the island at a blistering pace of 2-3knots, it took us about 30minutes to get into Church bay the east side of the island where we anchored and took stock. Neil came with a plan to hook the auxiliary tank to the main engine and commenced adapting hoses but only to find that the fittings were different. The decision was made to head inshore for Abersoch, Jake making a quick call to his father who happened to be on the Yacht club launch to rescue us if it was required. We headed for Abersoch main beach and reached a flat out speed of 4 knots eventuall arriving in another 30 minutes. Dewi called his daughter for a lift back to Pwllheli to fetch the trailer so we could recover the boat and deposit at Harbour Marine.


Some important lessons have been learnt.

1. Don’t dare Mike to break something because he loves a challenge.

2 Don’t let Dewi Manage the first club boat outting of the season, this is the second season in a row that its happened on his watch.

3. We do need to try the Jockey on every dive it saved further embarrassment today.

4.The importance of doing an easy day on the first outting, imagine if we had gone on the North side.

Anyway we survived, the engine is miss firing and Harbour Marine will definately maybe prioritise the issue on Tuesday. Happy shore diving