Llyn Sub-Aqua Club December

Vivian Dive Report Sunday 21 December

Is this the last dive report of 2014? Its my first! Anyway Andrew and I wanted to dive. So seeing he had connected me to the rest of the world!!! Yes folks the people of Lower Rhosfawr (me and Vi). Sadly we are no longer a 4th. world province of the planet earth!

Is he in the attic- NO, Is he on the Asda car park. NO. Is he in The Crown, (I'll miss that bit). He's sat in the lounge with 3G. fast.- happy, Thanks Andrew. I digress!

Andrew and Mike decided to do Vivian, no other takers, this was a training dive for Mike ie. one of Greeny's pro full face masks. (thank you master). Positive pressure so I wasn't going to drown! Andrew was on my shoulder, thought he must be bored, no he was having fun playing at buoyancy, I think! I descended slowly to the 6m platform, difficult to use nose piece relying on swallowing. I was giving the nose piece to much grief, it became dislodged, had to return to 3m  platform, reset, try again, brill, went  to 18m. I started to enjoy the dive, the vis good, temp 8c 12c at surface.

By now I was at one! Did 43mins.

Gwynedd SAC were there, 5 one shore cover (Tommy who Andrew knew), Andrew can now unlock the gate.!!!

Conclusion: After 3 pool sessions and 1 open water dive, lovely to dive with when ears are tip top. Nose piece, difficult or I've got a big nose. Call me big nose again I'll take you to the f-----g cleaners.

Mike Skywalker ha ha.